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Default Gunaketu - Leader of the Eureka Buddhists

After the twilight fell Gunaketu(67) (Flag of virtue) had a revelation of the promised lands, and he took his flock with him to north California,ending up in Eureka ,Humboldt County. Before the war he and his followers were what you could call a Hollywood-style Buddhist sect, making their earnings by "helping" moviestars.

Now as moviestars have no importance Gunaketu has changed his view on life. He now practises his religion in a small shopping-mall turned into a Temple. They are a secluded group, but helps the community when asked.

They only use traditional weapons and no firearms.They have a few faithful followers who are not actual munks or members who take care of that out of devotion.Mrs.primrose (57) is one of them .She keeps a vigil outside the mall-monastery with her M1 Garand almost all the time .Others too at times.

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