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Default Gerald " Jerry " Phelps -newspaperman

Every day and age has a form of storyteller that fills the need for information and entertainment that people have always had. Phelps has seen the need and fulfills the demand with his phamphlets that are printed by his mobile handpress or any other copying or printing material he can get his hands on.

Also - in the T2K setting - people like a handy size piece of paper for their calls of nature and Phelps has realized this and thus prints his pieces on paper that is highly absorbent. Anyone can advertise in his "Gazette" that is published at non specific intervals from wherever he is located that the time. The one or two pagers covers local news, spreads information of general interest and give practical advice on topics such as health care, farming and schooling of children. Many born after the apocalypse have their reading from musing over his printed phamphlettes.

Phelps is quiet the character in Eureka and its environs. He is rumoured to have travelled with the Painist main force at the Purge of LA in 2019 and to have seen action as a correspondent in the 2nd American Civil War at such battles as Barstow and the Sierras campaign.

Location is believed to be Eureka where he is currently publishing weekly -or so.
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