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Default Encounter 9, Part 1

July 26, 2000

Dawn breaks soggy, heavy showers dousing the village and its surrounding fields throughout the morning. The rain stops shortly before noon, but heavy clouds remain overhead, threatening another downpour before the day is done. A Humvee cargo/troop carrier (M1038A1) arrives at the northern outskirts of the village. Contact is made. On board are eight survivors of 5ID, although the Diamonds don’t recognize any of the newcomers.

“Cpl. Matt Townes,” their spokesman identifies himself; he neglects to share his unit designation. “I’m guess I’m kinda the guy in charge of this little outfit.”

Unusual for a junior non-com, Townes carries an M4 carbine and wears a pistol on his ALICE belt.

“Captain Walker. This is Platoon Sergeant McNulty.”

While the respective unit commanders confer, some of the other Diamonds approach the Humvee, strike up conversations with the newcomers.

“We’ve been in the suck for- what day is it?- at least a week, I guess. Looks like you guys have seen some action recently?”

“Ran off some Polish army deserters off a few days ago. You probably passed their vehicle on the way here.”

“Yeah, saw that. Looks like you shot the shit out of ‘em.”

One of the strangers has a leg wound (a bullet wound in the calf); two others appear ill.

“Our medic will take a look at your guys,” Captain Walker informs Townes, less an offer than a declaration.

“Yeah, that would be good. Appreciate it.” Townes replies.

By now, a few villagers have arrived on the scene, including members of the nascent town militia (armed with weapons provided by the Diamonds). Their leader pulls PR aside, expresses dismay at the thought of feeding yet more American soldiers. The translator tries to reassure them, but he can’t make any assurances at this point. PR passes the villagers' concerns along to Sarge and Walker.

A quarter of an hour later, Deacon approaches Sarge, explains,

“The two sick ones- I think it’s typhus. They’ve got lice bites all over; symptoms line up too.”

“Hell,” Sarge almost sighs. He sidebars Walker. They come up with a hasty course of action

“I’m afraid you're going to have to go into quarantine for a bit,” Walker explains to the newcomer’s leader.

Townes frowns, asks, “What the… What does that mean?”

“It means you and your men will be confined to quarters until your sick recover. You’ll be cared for- comfortable shelter, food, water, medicine. Our medic says it's typhus- highly contagious, potentially fatal. It's for everyone's safety.”

There’s an uncomfortable pause. Townes frowns, shifts his weight from one foot to the other.

Sarge breaks the silence, says sternly, “Consider that an order, Corporal."

It’s almost too quick to catch, but Townes flashes Sarge a venomous look.

“Yeah, OK. I mean, yes, sir.” Townes finally replies.

The newcomers are directed to move into the ersatz isolation ward, a little compound on the west side of the village’s main road that the Diamonds had been occupying since forcing its previous tenants- the marauders- to leave town. Townes demeanor improves sharply. The Diamonds move their gear (and Pole Position) across the road to another empty house (also used previously used by the bandits), split their dinner rations with their counterparts before turning in for the evening.

Ref's Notes:
I'm not going to reveal which Random Encounter card this is yet. So far, this episode has emphasized a lot of social interaction, involving a number of Persuasion rolls, some opposed. Fortunately, Capt. Walker is pretty persuasive (and the modifiers were always to her advantage).

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