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SSN/Serial Number: 123-45-6789XX

USN (United States Navy)
USMC (United States Marine Corps)
USAF (United States Air Force)
USCG (United States Coast Guard)

RA (Regular Army)
US (Army of the United States, draftee)
ER (Enlisted Reserve, US Army Reserves)
OR (Officer Reserve, US Army Reserves)
NG (National Guard)

The National Guard of the United States (Federalized & incorporated into the Army of the United States)
ARNG (Army National Guard) / Army National Guard of the United States (Federalized)
ANG (Air National Guard) / Air National Guard of the United States (Federalized)

Marine Forces Reserve
Navy Reserve
Coast Guard Reserve
Air Force Reserve

Military Affiliation (MA):

USA - United States Army
USAR - United States Army Reserves
ARNG - Army National Guard
AUS - Army of the United States
USMC - United States Marine Corps
USMCR - United States Marine Corps Reserves

CFLFC - Canadian Forces Land Force Command (Canadian Army)
(Royal Air Force)
(Royal Canadian Navy)
RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

BH - Deutsche Bundesheer (German Federal Army)
BM - Deutsche Bundesmarine (German Federal Navy)
BLW - Deutsche Bundesluftwaffe (German Federal Air Force)
BGS - Deutsche Bundesgrenzschutz (German Federal Border Guards)

NVA (National Volksarmee der DDR)
(Land Forces of the NVA)
(Air Forces of the NVA)
(Peoples Navy of the NVA)
(Border Troops of the DDR)

DH - Danske Haer (Royal Danish Army)
(Danish Air Force)
(Danish Navy)
(Danish Marine Corps)

BA (British Army)
RAF (British Royal Air Force)
RN (British Royal Navy)
(British Royal Marines)

Soviet Land Forces / Army
Soviet Air Forces
Soviet Air Defense Forces
Soviet Strategic Rocketry Forces
Soviet Naval Forces
Soviet Border Guard

Polish Army
Polish Air Forces
Polish Navy

AT - Armée de Terre (French Army)
(French Air Force)
(French Navy)
(French Foreign Legion)
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