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Originally Posted by ChalkLine View Post
An annoying aspect of the rules book is that while it carefully describes and stats the weapons used by Project members it doesn't cover weapons that they may encounter. This means the new GM either makes it up on the fly or uses Morrow Project weapons, the reverse of what is intended.

Now, if we adopt the standard 150 year gap most weapons, especially those with wooden components, will have taken a large amount of damage.
We should adopt Twilight 2000's 'wear value' I think to reflect this.

Anyway, what's some classic US weapons?

The obvious is the AR-15 in it's myriad forms. The Colt 1911 is everwhere too. Anything else?
There is many weapons given stats in the modules, the Armory, various fanzines, and on this forum.

Really if you find something you want to use, there probably is a justification for it being in the U.S. somehow.

Use the E- factor formula and give them some stats.
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