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I was led to believe that track life was very much less than tyre life and so using the info The Dark provided, we can see that track life is quite a lot less than tyre life, radically less - just 1520.8 km for M1 using T156 track and 1351.8 km for the M1A1 using the same track (and then adjusted to 1367.9 km for the M1 and 1142.6 km for the M1A1). I wasn't expecting it to be so little in comparison to tyres.

While obviously the more complex & mechanical design of track has more components to wear out and cause problems, I would have expected metal components to last longer than that.
Without information to the contrary, as a completely unqualified guess, I think you could argue for a general estimate of track life as 15% of off-road tyre lifespan provided by swaghauler - and that's on the generous side, using the figures provided by The Dark, it's more likely to be 11%.

So: -
heavy road tyre - 20,000 km (bald)
off-road tyre - 10,000 km (bald)
generic track - 1500 km (unusable, except as ad-hoc armour)

P.S. swaghauler, I think I finally understand your choice for forum name now!
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