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Originally Posted by The Dark View Post
Ah, that fits with a line I saw that was comparing the M60A3 and M1 tracks, but I wasn't sure which tank it was referring to. According to what I read, the 2000 miles of highway use was equivalent to 800 miles on gravel or 250 miles cross-country.
It's the other way around, paved roads tear up rubber track much faster than dirt! Exception is if you are driving across lava beds or rock. Tracks are primarily designed for off road use.

I was active duty tanker for over ten years, only changed track on an M-1 once and that was because of a new design track. On M-60A1/A3, we had to replace track pads as needed, but we quickly learned to give the head of the screw a love tap to mushroom so the nut would not vibrate off.
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