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Default Suspension Wear Values

Ok, I think I'm going to set each increase in Wear Value at:

Heavy Commercial Truck Tires: 1 Wear Value per 16,000Km for a total of 160,000Km on a set of Heavy Commercial Tires.

Heavy Super Single Off-Road Tires (ie HEMETT and 5-Ton tires): 1 Wear Value per 10,000Km for a total of 100,000Km on a set of softer Durometer Off-Road Specific Super Singles.

On-Road Motorcycle Tires, Touring: 1 Wear Value per 8,000Km for a total of 80,000Km on a set of Touring Tires.

On-Road Motorcycle Tires, Performance: 1 Wear Value per 5,000Km for a total tire life of 50,000Km on soft Durometer/High Traction Race tires.

Off-Road Motorcycle Tires, DOT Approved: 1 Wear Value per 5,000Km for a tire life of 50,000Km for the soft durometer Off-Road Motorcycle Tires.

Passenger Car/Light Truck Tires, Economy: 1 Wear Value per 12,500Km for a life of 125,000Km.

Performance Tires, Sports Car: 1 Wear Value per 8,000Km for a total of 80,000Km on soft durometer/high traction Performance Tires.

Tracks, Armored/Commercial: 1 Wear Value per 1,000Km for a total of 10,000Km per Track.

This all assumes proper maintenance of the suspension and no "battle damage" or "terrain related damage" (failed driving rolls) which can also increase Wear Ratings.

For the record, I'm currently breaking down Vehicle Wear Ratings into Four Catagories. Engine & Transmission, Suspension, Body, and Peripherals (electronics, optics, and weapons).
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