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Default John Ivan Kraznieski and "The Beloved P.O.S" - driver,mechanic,cook,linguist,magician

John Ivan once toured the midwest as "The Great Zaboni".His card tricks and daring escapes from gasolined soaked ,burning straight jackets were quite in demand .A bad burn injury forced him to retire , however and he retrained as a mechanic and driver .Due to cut backs he was laid off,but his multicultural background aided him in his language studies and he got a job at a mid sized mid western university as a languages professor.When the end of the world came about ,there was little use for professors , but he soon found a living working as a cook ,working with foodstuffs and preparing meals with old fashioned methods as he Polish grand mother had taught him as a boy .Over time he migrated south and west to get to a climate more suited to his rheumatism .

Krasnieski is a peaceful man ,but he swears in 4 languages every day over "The Beloved P.O.S" that he calls his Custom built /salvaged tour bus .

Krasnieski rarely leaves the bus or its vicinity .If troubled by anyone he can produce one of a dozen firearms stashed in various nooks and crannies inside the bus.He also handles himself in a brawl .

The bus has a powerful tractor diesel engine ,heavy duty suspension and has had steel plates added for protection to the hull.Also the drivers seat is armoured and steel shutters have been added .An alterantive cargo platform has been added topside to take passenger or cargo .

A pintle mount has been added as well as fold up steel plates to make a gunner position top side. Steel shutters has firing slits for small arms .

"The Beloved POS" STATS :

Fuel cap : 500 + load

Fuel cons /km
on road : 1 l
off road : 2 l

Armor Value : HF : 2 HS : 2 HR 2 ( steel shutters AV 2 )

LOAD : 3000 kg

Crew : 1 + 10 ( additional 10 passengers possible topside)


on road 40 / 80 / 120

off road 10 /20 / 30
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