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Default the bleak light of dawn..

Iron Man..I am Iron Man...

the tune spun around in a loop in his head.Sometimes he felt that the constant repeat of the song when his mind was idle was a bloddu nuisance.But not today kneeling in a muddy ditch behind a M3 halftrack with a .50 cal M2HB bursting away 100 rounds a minute it was rather pleasant .He just wished the gunner could keep his rythm constant .A mortar shell impacted around 50 meters down the road.Sharpnel hummed overhead and clinked and clanked where it hit concrete ruins. A squad of San Simeon infantry rushed on by in a staggered line behind their seargant. A few tracers knocked up the dirt around their feet and they piled into the ditch in a confused heap -scrambling to get out of the line of fire.

Annoyed ,he couldnt help himslef and shouted -"hey!you! this is a VIP ditch only ! Get your men up the road top the enlisted mens positions.!!"

The sergants eyes widened in disbelief just before another burst of mg fire splattered him with dirt and sust and made him duck and cower at the bottom .
Iron man peered out between the tracks of the M3 and down the road .around 200 meters on a couple of ruins were hiding around two squads .With their backs to the wall they lookd absurdly relaxed considering the hail of bullets and occassional RPGs that were schything the side towards the enemy.Tracers skipped across the debris of the ruined neigbourhood and whirred all over the place like angry ,glowing wasps.

The backdoor of teh M3 opened slightly .A squaddie yelled out -"Iron Man ? Iron Man ! they want you up at the line for something .Behind the brick building!" A few rounds impacted with metallic rings on the side armour.The squaddie immideatley yanked the door shut.

Another mortar impacted just 30 meters down the road now.The dust plume rose up and slowly bellowed out to cover the M3 and his position .He had to face it - the chance of a latte in his current position was nil.

This gig was turning out to be a drag .
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