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Originally Posted by helbent4 View Post

As a point of terminology, Canada's formal name is the "Dominion of Canada", although Canada is acceptable in formal use, too. Canada has never been called a "Commonwealth", although it is technically a confederation. (That is, the birth of Canada is called "Confederation".)

I think we should be a 2nd Tier nation, dad-gummit!

I know Tony, i went with Commonwealth of Canada since it's several hundred years (and post Twilight War) some things have changed. Canada became a commonwealth instead of a 'Dominion'... this is how they got Quebec back into the government. While the British Monarchy is still the head of state, Canada has a lot more republican style of government (a popular election of the Governor General from candidates nominated by the Monarchy). Post-Twilight War the British Monarchy has shifted away from just being ceremonial and figureheads... they have seen a resurgence of their power. From birth the Royals are raised in a manner stepped in public service and putting the needs of the average citizen above their own (something VERY few know about is the British Monarchy has their children spend a year as 'commoners' with families selected from a special lottery).
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