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Default MERC OUTFIT -sound off

Just throwing a few ideas around - we are putting a merc team together for whatever Gen.Pain has in store for us .All players involveed in the FtF campaign please chime in ..

So far I would say its been pretty much a mix of "24" ,"Jason Bourne" and a little "Grindhouse" .

What we need is specialists .Of course - everyone needs to be able to hold their own in a fight -but skills needed are many in order to make it through :

here is what we have got :

a computer and chemistry expert
a driver and combat medic (trauma medicine)

both handy with a gun or a blade, but not their main occupation

so we need:
demolitions guy
heavy weapons expert
straight up fighter/slugger
tracker/foraging/survival guy
stealth/parkour/acrobatics /climbing/lockpick/cat burglar type
smooth talker/disguise/persuasion guy
forgery guy
boat guy
..or any combo of two or more of the above .Decent fighting and stealth skills goes without saying I guess (imho-h for humble as always)
Maybe other stuff too ,but cant think of it right now..

so you guys with no PC ready yet -think about it .
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