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So a rough Explosives rule. Addtionally, there's now a hard limit on how many Traumatic injuries you can suffer before being dead outright.(10's of CON attribute).

EDIT: added in clarity on what Traumatic wounds will do if left untreated, a hard limit on how many a character can handle andwhat to do when a weapon that uses Traumatic Force damage hits.

Explosive: weapons that deal explosive forms of damage are treated as such: divide the Damage by 10. (Damage÷10)
This is the Trauma Factor(TF). Characters hit by such weapons immediately suffer that many Traumatic wounds. On vehicles they reduce its Structure by the net damage ÷10, or divide the Explosive armor value by Ten and apply the net damage of the new value- Trauma factor.

If the weapon has fragments, roll for a location for each hit except the first. This will always be whole body damage.

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