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Originally Posted by Grimace View Post
Pretty neat map, kato. Did you forget to put in the Soviet 14th MRD in the Juneau area as well?
Nice Catch.

I missed that it is colocated with the US 2nd Infantry Brigade (Arctic Recon). It, like the 41st MRD, has defected . On my map when you click on a unit, an in browser popup shows name, strength (men/afv/helicopters etc) and collocated units (which are clickable as well).

Default is for the larger unit (manpower) to be shown, but that can be switched to higher rank (Brigade < Division < Corps < Front) since most higher commands are collocated with units.

Additional notes.
The Soviet 120 MRD is also colocated with the 76th (together 6000 men strong).

The 1st IB last know location is Wales AK. I forgot to scroll over to the left and up to show it. (I felt the map was getting too large). My "print screen" is not functioning now (need a reboot) so I will fix it tomorrow.

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