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Default The Canadians are coming

Ok here an overall campaign setting that I am working on for Alaska

The Canadian Government order the remains of Canadian Forces in Beaver Creek to invade Alaska a size the Alaska Pipeline and oil fields

Phase One - A small Special Forces Team with Canadian Ranger Support make contact with the remains of the Alaskan Government and bring a small delegation to Beaver Creek to talk to the remains of Canadian Government led the Minster of National Defence. The Alaskan State Government agrees to become a Canadian Protectorate with self governing powers and Canadian overseeing its defence and security in exchange for oil

Phase Two - the Canadian Forces launch operations to retake the pipeline; they find the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field abandon except for a small Russian technical/security team which is quickly surrenders with the promise of food. However the Canadian Forces find Elements of the 10th Mountain Division around the port of Valdez, however with the arrivial and Canadian Troops and the 1st and 2nd Artric Brigrades(who are now considered Canadian troops), the 10th Moutians quickly abonded the port and move to Fairbanks. The Canadain Commander sucessful make the Officer in charge belive that this is the beginning of a drive to liberate Archorage

Phase Three – Canadian Steamships Tankers begin to ferry oil from Valdez by sea to Prince Rupert, where is shipped via rail to Fort MccMurray Alberta for processing and storage

Current Situation

10th Moutian Division – The Divison is at a lost of what is now to do, while the commander declare for CIVGOV it has become apparent that CIVGOV has no troops to send to it aide and MILGOV is focused on Teaxs and Calforina. Since th Canadians have not shown any intrest in moving into the Fairbanks he has no choice and stay put and wait for futher orders.

Soviet Enclave Archorage – The Soviet are in dire straits with there logistical lines cut and the disgratation of the USSR they troop have two options one is stay in place and try to find and way home or surrender to the US X Corps. The Divison is have a lot of displine problems and they are unware of the recent change between the US and Canada

Speical Service Force – This unit had about 5000 troops at the begin of Twilight War, it was deployed from CFB Petawawa at the start of Alaska made up of Airborne and mechanized elements is was keep in reserve durring the opening of the Alaska battle, however is reinforced US X Corps when in retreat across the boarder, as it advance back into Alaska is was it fought hard and was down to 2500 as the war reached a stalemate. It was then withdrawn back to Beaver Creek to rest and refit. There is given a small ammount of reinforcement , reservist and zombies, and a unit of Canadian Rangers, and remain of the JTF Squadron now more or less a platoon. It was here they recived there orders to began for alone advance agianst US and Soveit Troops. It is cureently broken down into several elements that oversee the security pipeline through a seris of fortifed strong points

1st Infantry Brigade (Arctic Recon): This unit is located in the port Valdez as per the Canadian - Alaska agreement, Alaska oversea the oil shipments and remain in control of the oil terminal.

2nd infantry Brigade (Arctic Recon): The 2nd has been split to provide security to the oil field and security to Juneau which now serves a major supply point for a fleet of tugs and bring supplies in from Canada. With the help of Canadian Adviser a new government is being set up along with a training school for Alaskan troops. CSIS has also opened a field office.
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