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Personally I do not see the 1 & 2nd Infantry Brigades (Artic Recon) switching their alliegance to Canada from the US, when US forces overseas still are loyal to Milgov (or in the case of those units in the Balkans to Civgov). I think a more likely force for the Canadian Forces to have available in the area would be 38, 39, and 41 Canadian Brigade Groups brought up to strength with conscripts, as well as recall of the secondary reserve, sometime beginning in late 1996, and early 1997. They would probably be structured as light infantry brigades because Canada doesn't have the war reserve to equip them as heavier formations, and it's unlikely that by this point the industrial mobilization of Canada's war industries would be able to provide sufficient vehicles to fully mount them as a mechanized infantry. Possibly they could be mounted as motorized infantry on stake body trucks with some tactical vehicles available to perform motorized recce. However, light infantry is probably the best organizational option given the lack of a well developed road network in the Pacific Northwest so support heavier formations, and the relative ease in which they could be mobilized, conscripts trained, and small arms produced.
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