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Default Team Background

Recon Team-34 will operating along the South/North Carolina border area with responsibility for operations into Gerogia and Tennessee.

It is a fourteen member team equipped with two V-150s, one equipped with a 25mm turret and one equipped with a .50 calibre/40mm turret, both will have trailers to haul mission gear.

Character creation is TM 1-1 3rd edition with a freeze date of August 15th, 1989.

I'll be posting game turns by Wednesday, with player response due by Sunday evening. If all players reply faster than that AND have no objection, I will post next turn sooner.

A word of warning, this is an adult group, harsh language and situations will arise! I plan on introducing a couple of new encounter groups as well as a new situation arising in the area.

In the player posts, please reply in character, if you want to contact the PD directly, either email me or put an attn: PD on the subject line. I will reply as quickly as possible

We are here to have a good time!!!!
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