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We are using a modified version of the Canon orbat:

US Forces:

X Corps (subordinate to 9th Army at Ft. Lewis, WA):

47th Infantry Division - MN, IA, IL, and WI NG
1st Minnesota Infantry Brigade:
1 -94th Armor Bn: M60A4, M113, M106
1 -135th Infantry Bn:
2 -135th Infantry Bn:
1 -136th Infantry Bn:
34th Iowa Infantry Brigade:
1 -133rd Infantry Bn:
2 -133rd Mech Infantry Bn: M113, M106, M901
1 -168th Infantry Bn:
66th Illinois Infantry Brigade:
1 -123rd Infantry Bn:
2 -130th Infantry Bn:
3 -130th Infantry Bn:
1 -127th Infantry Bn (WI NG):
47th Aviation Brigade - MN NG:
1 -147th Attack Helicopter Bn - WI NG: 21 AH1V, 13 OH6D, 3 UH1H
D Co/147th Aviation Rgt - MN NG: 15 UH1H
E Co/147th Aviation Rgt - IA NG: 15 UH1H
1st Sqn, 194th Cavalry Rgt - MN NG: M60A4, M113, M106, AH1V, OH6D, UH1H
47th Divarty - MN NG:
2 -123rd Field Artillery Bn: IL NG: 24 M101 105mm towed
1 -175th Field Artillery Bn: MN NG: 24 M101 105mm towed
1 -194th Field Artillery Bn: IA NG: 24 M101 105mm towed
1 -151st Field Artillery Bn: MN NG: 16 M198, 9 MLRS (5-ton truck)
47th ID Discom - MN NG:
682nd Combat Engineer Bn - MN NG: 4 dozers, 8 AVLB, 8 CEV, 4 M88, 12 MAB (bridge)
1 -202nd Air Defense Bn - IL NG: 18 towed PIVAD, 18 Avenger
147th Military Intelligence Bn (CEWI) - MN NG:
47th Military Police Co. - MN NG:
47th Chemical Co. - MN NG

11th Airborne Division - forming in 1997
1st Brigade -
1 -511th Parachute Infantry Bn:
2 -511th Parachute Infantry Bn:
3 -511th Parachute Infantry Bn:
2nd Brigade -
1 -188th Parachute Infantry Bn:
2 -188th Parachute Infantry Bn:
3 -188th Parachute Infantry Bn:
3rd Brigade -
3 -503rd Parachute Infantry Bn:
2 -506th Parachute Infantry Bn:
3 -506th Parachute Infantry Bn:
11th Divarty - 1, 2, 3 -457th Field Artillery Rgt (Airborne): 6 M101 each
11th Combat Aviation Brigade (Airborne):
6th Sqn, 17th Cavalry Rgt:
1 -11th Attack Helicopter Bn:
2 -11th Aviation Bn:
11th Discom (Airborne):
1 -73rd Armor Bn (Airborne):
127th Combat Engineer Bn (Airborne):
??? Air Defense Bn (Airborne):
11th Military Intelligence Bn (Airborne):
11th Military Police Co. (Airborne):
11th Chemical Co. (Airborne

172nd Infantry Brigade (Arctic)
3 -508th Parachute Infantry Bn:
1 -4th Infantry Bn: M5 RACV, XM22 PCAC, XM23 AACV
2 -4th Infantry Bn: M5 RACV, XM22 PCAC, XM23 AACV
2 -136th Field Artillery Bn: 24 M102 105mm towed
Troop C, 91st Cavalry: M5 RACV, XM22 PCAC, XM23 AACV, AH-6D
891st Engineer Co
562nd Engineer Co

1st Infantry Brigade (Arctic Recon) - Alaska NG:
1 -297th Infantry (Mech): M113, Bv-206
2 -297th Infantry (Scout)
3 -297th Infantry (Scout)
1 -207th Aviation Bn: UH-1H, CH-47

2nd Infantry Brigade (Arctic Recon) - Alaska NG:
4 -297th Infantry (Scout)
5 -297th Infantry (Scout)
6 -297th Infantry (Scout)
2 -207th Aviation Bn: UH-1H, CH-47

Our reasoning: 6th ID ends up in Germany via way of Norway in canon. It goes to Norway in spring 97 as reinforcements for the drive on Murmansk. 47th ID, composed of troops from the northern Midwest who are more used to the cold than average Americans, takes over the role of defense of Alaska from the 6th. 11th Airborne is training up during the TDM and is brought into Alaska as emergency reinforcements. It is understrength in troops and equipment. The 172nd IB is a test & evaluation unit to try the new hovercraft, described in the v2 US Army Vehicle Guide. It was not originally roled to have a primary combat role - it's role was similar to the 9th ID in the mid 80s when the Army was trying different light motorized concepts. (Yes, I realize that one of the brigades of 6th ID assumed the lineage & honors of the 172nd, so there will have to be a little reflagging/redesignation in the 6th ID, but its largely irrelevant for our purposes).

USAF Alaska Air Command has the 343rd Tactical Fighter Wing flying A-10s out of Eilson AFB (18th Tactical Fighter Sqn, 11th & 25th Tactical Air Support Sqns), the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing flying F-15s from Elmendorf, Galena & King Salmon (43rd & 54th Tactical Fighter Sqns), the 616th Tactical Airlift Wing flying C-130s & C-12s from Elmendorf (17th Tactical Airlift Squadron), and the 962nd Airborne Command & Control Squadron with 3 E-3s flying air control missions. Additional tactical, strategic & airlift forces would also be found transiting Alaska (it's on the great circle route from the Pacific NW to Korea and a great jumping off & early landing spot for bomber raids over the Arctic and into Siberia).

We haven't finalized the Canadians yet.

On the Soviet side, the Aluetian Front deploys the 51st Army (which really has a tough mission - defense of the area from the Kuriles to the shores of the Arctic Ocean). It splits off the 25th Army Corps (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka) for the Alaska op.

It has (and this orbat isn't finalized yet, there may likely be more independent regiments and brigades):

22nd "Krasnodar-Harbin" Motor-Rifle Division (Dolinsk) Cat B
- 211th MRR
- 246th MRR
- 304th MRR
- 59th TR
- 157th Artillery Rgt
- 1006th Anti-Aircraft Missile Rgt
- 309th Independent Missile Bn
- 617th Independent Recon Bn
- 765th Independent Engineer Bn

33rd Motor-Rifle Division (Khomutovo) Cat C
- 377th MRR (Aniva)
- 465th MRR (Leonidov)
- 389th MRR (Dachnoye)
- 192nd TR (Aniva): T-55
- 989th Artillery Rgt (Khomutovo)
- U/I Anti-Aircraft Missile Rgt (Khomutovo)
- U/I Independent Missile Bn
- 620th Independent Recon Bn
- 416th Independent Engineer Bn

79th 'Lyuban-Katowice-Donbas' Motor-Rifle Division (Poronaysk) Cat C
- 157th MRR (Gastello): T-34/85
- 179th MRR (Pobedino): T-34/85
- 165th "Yasskiy" Guards MRR: T-34/85
- 214th TR (Poronaysk): T-55
- 284th Artillery Rgt (Poronaysk)
- 1004th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Rgt (Pobedino)
- U/I Independent Missile Bn
- 615th Independent Recon Bn
- 43rd Independent Engineer Bn

87th Motor-Rifle Division (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka) Cat D
- 257th Guards MRR
- 1378th MRR
- 1382nd MRR
- 1496th TR: T-55, BTR-50, 12 M-30
- 277th Artillery Rgt
- U/I Anti-Aircraft Artillery Rgt
- U/I Independent Missile Bn
- 226th Independent Recon Bn
- 357th Independent Engineer Bn

99th Motor-Rifle Division (Anadyr) Cat B
- 1323rd MRR (Anadyr)
- 1324th MRR (Anadyr)
- 1327th MRR (Anadyr)
- 1498th TR: T-55, BTR-50, 12 M-30
- 473rd Artillery Rgt
- 1003rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Rgt
- U/I Independent Missile Bn
- 618th Independent Recon Bn
- 20th Independent Engineer Bn

18th Machinegun-Artillery Division (Iturup) Cat A (static defense of the Kuriles)
- 46th MG-Arty Rgt (Kunashir)
- 49th MG-Arty Rgt (Kunashir)
- 484th MG-Arty Rgt (Iturup): 2 fortress bns, mobile bn
- 802nd Independent Tank Bn (Iturup): 31 T-72
- 264th Independent Mobile Bn (Kunashir): 20 T-72, 24 BMP-2
- 203rd Independent Engineer Bn (Iturup)

75th Missile Bde (Yuzhno Sakhalinsk or Novosysoyevka): SS-21
567th Independent Howitzer Rgt (Yuzhno Sakhalinsk)
921st Artillery Rgt (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka)
U/I Independent Engineer Sapper Rgt (Yuzhno Sakhalinsk)
280th Independent "Ussuri" Engineer Bn (Anadyr)

We haven't determined yet what reinforcements it may get, from within the Far Eastern TVD or from the high command's reserves. Likely there will be some airborne or air assault units and possibly the Pacific Fleet's 55th Naval Infantry Division:

55th "Mozyrskaya" Marine Division (Vladivostok)
- 83rd Marine Rgt
- 106th Marine Rgt
- 165th Marine Rgt
- 26th "Leningrad" TR
- 84th Artillery Rgt
- 417th Anti-Aircraft Missile Rgt
- 263rd Independent Missile Bn: 4 SS-21

Also note that we are presuming that the Japanese, with US support, invade the southern Kuriles!

On the air side, air defense is provided by elements of the PVO's 11th Air Army, based out of Khabarovsk. It has in the area:

308th Fighter Rgt PVO (Sovetskaya Gavan', Primorskiy Kray): MiG-23MLD
387th Fighter Rgt PVO (Burevestnik, Iturup): MiG-23MLD

24th PVO Division (Petropavlovsk):
- 865th Fighter Rgt PVO (Yelizovo, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka): MiG-31
- U/I SAM Brigade

40th PVO Division (Dolinsk):
- 777th Fighter Rgt PVO (Matrosovo, Sakhalin): Su-15TM
- 365th Fighter Rgt PVO (Sokol airfield, Dolinsk): MiG-31
- 528th Fighter Rgt PVO (Leonidovo, Sakhalin): Su-27

On the attack air side, things are less defined - Far Eastern TVD has been in action for almost 2 years nonstop by the time the Alaska operation kicks off, and the augmentees from the rest of the USSR returned to their home bases when war broke out in the west.

Tactical air would come from the 1st Air Army in Khabarovsk: (starting locations are here, what their location & condition is by the time the Alaska op kicks off hasn't been worked out yet).

7th Guards Independent Shturmovik Rgt (Galenki): Su-25
56th Recon Rgt (Varfolomeyevka): MiG-25RB, Su-24MR)
187th Independent Shturmovik Rgt (Chernigovka): Su-25)
257th Independent Mixed Rgt (Khabarovsk) An-12, An-26, Mi-8T
293rd Recon Rgt (Vozzhayevka, Belogorsk district): Su-17M3R, MiG-25
799th Recon Rgt (Varfolomeyevka): Su-24MR
unknown ECM sqn. (Khabarovsk): Su-24PP, Su-24MP

20th Fighter Division (Druzhba)
- 216th Fighter Rgt (Kalinovka, near Khabarovsk): Su-27
- 404th Fighter Rgt (Orlovka): MiG-29
- 821st Fighter Rgt (Spassk-Dalniy): MiG-23MLD

33rd "Khinganskaya" Fighter-Bomber Division (Pereyaslavka)
- 22nd Fighter-Bomber Rgt (Birofeld): Su-17
- 26th Guards Fighter-Bomber Rgt (Uchastok): Su-17M3
- 229th Fighter-Bomber Rgt (Birofeld): Su-17M
- 300th Fighter-Bomber Rgt (Pereyaslavka): MiG-27

40th Fighter Division (Belogorsk)
- 41st Fighter Rgt (Orlovka): MiG-29
- unknown Fighter Rgt (Belogorsk):

83rd Fighter-Bomber Division (Pereyaslavka-Verino)
- 42nd Bomber Rgt (Pereyaslavka [Verino]): Su-24)
- 277th "Mlavskiy" Bomber Rgt (Khurba [Komsomolsk-na-Amure]): Su-24
- 302nd Fighter-Bomber Rgt (Pereyaslavka): Su-17M3, converting to Su-24

303rd "Smolensk" Fighter-Bomber Division (Ussuri)
- 18th Guards "Vitebsk" Fighter-Bomber Rgt (Galenki): MiG-27D/M
- 224th Fighter-Bomber Rgt (Ozernaya Pad' [Kremovo]): MiG-27
- 523rd "Orscha" Fighter-Bomber Rgt (Vozdvizhenka): Su-17M4

Long range transports from the 14th Transport Division (Aeroflot), from Irkutsk:
-1st MVD Transport Regiment (50 IL-76MD)
-1st Aeroflot Transport Regiment (45 IL-76M)
-3rd Aeroflot Transport Regiment (45 IL-76MD)

There could also be long-range bombers from both Long Range Aviation (equivalent to SAC) or Naval Aviation available.

On the naval side, not much in the way of combatants. The Pacific Fleet dies fairly early in the war, and the remnants of the surface fleet are penned up in Petropovlovsk and Vladivostok. The Alaska op is mounted with a breakout of hundreds of fishing trawlers from Petropovlosk (to get through the minefields laid by the US), and suffers greatly from the interdiction of one of the US battleships. We'll work out more details when we get farther along with our work.

As always, you are free to use or discard this as you choose!
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