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Looks like we've seen some of the same sources, but you did much more work Louie! I've got some limited additional information on the 157th, which you may already have. It's all taken from this interview with a former officer and commanding general of the brigade:

"We now began to formalize CAPSTONE relationships with different organizations. By the time I got to the 157th Headquarters, we began to work with the 1st Infantry Division. We worked with them for a number of years and it was a great experience. Then we began to work with I Corps subsequent to that relationship. All of our subsequent units in the trace would fall in on those things."
-Page 56, circa 1970s

"It was a great time. We left there and went to the 157th Brigade Headquarters, which was in Horsham, Pennsylvania. General Cannon was the Commander at the time. I was surprised to learn he wanted me to come down as the Brigade S3. I was sure that there were quite a few colonels that were longer in the tooth than I and who were quite capable of doing the job, but he seemed to think that he wanted to adopt our training style for the entire brigadeís operation. I said okay and moved on down the line. It was a very exciting time to be in the brigade. We were working with the 1st Infantry Division as our CAPSTONE. We were frequently invited out to participate in their CPXs [command post exercises] and war games."
-Page 57-58, circa 1970s

"By now, our CAPSTONE relationship had been shifted to I Corps in Fort Lewis, Washington. I Corps had a requirement that every headquarters participate in its annual war fighter exercise, Cascade Peak."
-Page 62, circa 1986

"The 157th was selected as an organization where they felt we could make some changes in terms of readiness. We had been assigned to report directly to the First United States Army. We were essentially OPCON to them."
-Page 65, circa 1988

"Desert Shield/Desert Storm [DD/DS] was a great campaign and over quickly so the 157th did not get called. A fair amount of its equipment went and a fair number of its soldiers went to back fill active duty activities. In the meantime, we continued on with our relationship with our CAPSTONE Headquarters. I canít say enough about I Corps."
-Page 71, circa 1991

"There was another separate infantry brigade, it was a light brigade. We were the Heavy MECH [mechanized] brigade and the largest brigade in the Army Reserve. There was another brigade in Massachusetts, the 187th, which was a light brigade with a Joint Command Headquarters. It was really a terrific outfit commanded by BG Tom Stones and later Pete Clegg. They were perhaps the finest light infantry guys I had ever seen. We had an opportunity to help them out with modest support in Gaugetown, Canada during a couple of times in exercises."
-Page 74, just because the 187th fascinates me.
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