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This is what I have for the ARNG/USAR FA Bdes (all info was gleaned from various editions of the monthly Field Artilery Bulletin)

I Corps
Korea Scenario - 1 AC, 5 ARNG FA Bdes
NATO Scenario - 1 USAR, 5 ARNG Bdes (I have identified six !......57th, 115th, 135th, 153rd, 147th, 169th)
(also 57th FA Bde was the habitual support for 40 ID(M))

III Corps
3 AC (75th, 212th, & 214th), 3 ARNG (45h, 142nd, & 631st)

V Corps
2 AC (41st & 42nd), 3 ARNG (103rd, 197th, & 209th)

VII Corps
3 AC (17th, 72nd, & 210th), unknown ARNG /USAR Bdes

1 AC (18th), 3 ARNG (113th, 118th, & 227th)

This leaves me with 3 USAR (428th, 434th, & 478th) and 3 ARNG (138th, 196th, & 151st) Bdes which I havent't been able to track down to Corps.
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