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Originally Posted by Yamaguchi View Post
I was a member of the OH National Guard 73 (SEP) Infantry Brigade from 1988 through 2002. The Capstone mission mentioned above (Aleutian Islands) really was the mission. At that time the Brigade was an extreme cold weather unit. We would go to the field in the winter and practice freezing. Eventually (1990s at some point), the Brigade converted to the 73 Mech Bde and became the third brigade of the 28 Mech Division (PA National Guard). That didn't last long and they eventually converted to the 37 Armored Brigade which is their current configuration. This Brigade lineage goes back to the 37 Infantry Division from WW II.
Yamaguchi, what unit were you with in the 73rd IB? I served those same years with the 1-136FA, the the 1-134FA when we converted to a divisional brigade.
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