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Sapmi: The northern natives.

The Twilight War have caused untold pain, misery and destruction. Yet for a few, it has created opportunities. The Sapmi people have for the region unique adaptability and experience with the lands of the northern reaches of Europe. This have allowed them to expand where others had to withdraw and contract. However, they are still relatively weak and feeble compared to the might of the nations where in they technically still reside. However, those nations are pre-occupied elsewhere, leaving breathing room for them to use their situation. At the moment they are busy playing the powers against each others. Giving scouting aid to Swedish military forces against one group of marauders, while at the same time dropping intel to other maruader remnants that the swedish military cantonments are weakened.

Their ultimate goal is to broker for more power in the north, with the hope to finally have a nation of their own, made from the far reaches of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Soviet Union.
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