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Originally Posted by Giorgio View Post
TMP FB page

Hello everyone,

Below is the post I wrote on The Morrow Projects Facebook page; I copied and pasted it here for better visibility after I learned from Chris Garland that this was a good place to bring up a discussion on topic. I will be posting a follow up in a new post in these forums later.

Not in my original FB post, as I didn’t have my notes on hand; when I talk below about “settlements” as they pertain to the Pathfinder RPG game; this is the kind of template and guidance I have in mind, that would make my job as a TMP 4E GM much easier.

Pathfinder Settlements

Pathfinder Settlement Tools


Hello All!

I recently purchased and I am currently reading The Morrow Project 4th Edition, as a new GM with no prior experience I have some questions, any assistance welcome.

1- After TMP 4E core rulebook, what other 4E material is available now and in the near future? The timeline website is not clear on this/does not have a news section.

2- Are additional TMP 4E resources going to be made available in digital format?

3- When will a GM screen and dice be made available for purchase?

4- Which of the many TMP fan sites forums are more TMP 4E new GM friendly and conductive to good discussions and gaming resources?

5- Are there any good YouTube videos you can recommend that show the basics of the game/how to play?

Request: Can you make available more pre-gens PCs and blank character sheets on

Some feedback/comments below from my perspective as a new TMP 4E GM, and where I could use some clarification, guidance and help.
Some answers;

1. There is nothing currently out, there are plans for some. I believe at the moment a 4th ed blue prints are being worked on and I think a GM screen, but we haven't heard much for a while now. There are plans to bring the 3rd edition modules up to 4th edition compatibility, but no dates or details have been released.

2. Most likely, but that will be up to Chris.

3. The dice I'm not sure about about, the GM screen see #1.

4. There are none that I know of that are 4th edition specific. Very few of the current sites even run the 4th edition. This forum is the only forum for TMP and there are a couple of mailing lists for TMP as well.

5. There are no videos of game play that I know of at the moment.

There is a free PC sheet downloadable from TML that is for the 4th edition :
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