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The grade of the road began to raise slightly as he made it to within three hundred yards of the small village. In the late fall haze of evening, the soldier could see a few buildings higher than one story peeking over the majority of still intact roofs there. There were no lights evident on the outskirts, and not a sound stirred from within the village. A cool wind blew in his hot, dry face as he took a knee behind a large pile of trash, debris, and any other odd and end someone from a bygone time had cleared from the area and stacked there.

Looking back into the woods behind him, the soldier could barely see into the treeline now that the light was just about gone except for the peaceful colors of purple and orange the sun had been dancing through the October clouds overhead. The soldier slowly sat down on a charred cinder block, and teetered with fatigue as he inspected his boots. They're still on my feet, and that is all that really matters at this point, he mused.

As he fumbled with a stray boot lace, movement caught the Soldier's eye. From his right, back toward the tree line, about two hundred yards away, he saw the figures. Two grayish colored uniforms moving tactically-slowly and methodically-toward the village. As they neared to within less than one hundred yards, he realized they were both shorter, and smaller in stature than a regular sized man.

The soldier slowly repositioned himself so that his back was completely toward the treeline, allowing him a better view of the two unusual soldier-like individuals a few dozen yards away. After a few tense moments of them moving even closer to his position, the soldier finally saw, from beneath the two combat helmets atop their heads, long locks of brown and dark blond hair complementing the faces of two gorgeous European looking, female troops. He made a sly grin that was quickly and instinctively squashed by a cautious scowl. In these times especially, anyone, even a supermodel of sorts, could be the enemy.

For the moment, the soldier didn't move; he instead laid very still, observing the two girls as they stopped near a similar pile of debris nearby, and began picking through it.

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