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Some of the backstory had major issues as well - they had CivGov and MilGov take over 20 years to come back together before they finally took on New America, which allows Mexico to keep Texas, southern CA, most of AZ and NM.

Not sure who thought that one up but there is no way that happens - MilGov has CivGov completely outmanned and outgunned for one - and once CENTCOM and the guys in Korea come home its even worse.

Basically at best CivGov could survive a few years before MilGov rings its bell - and I dont see MilGov letting the Mexicans keep all of Texas, southern CA, AZ and NM when they have 40K plus guys back from Europe and the Mexicans have basically about 15K guys spread all over the Southwest and arent even united.

Especially since they need the Texan oil to get aircraft and ships running again. With the US fractured as it is the only way to keep the country together is sea and air transport - and you need oil for that - and the Mexicans are sitting on an awful lot of it.
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