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Originally Posted by rob View Post
If the MP 4th rules weren't used, I would use the Harnmaster Core rules. Excellent for mundane things like negotiating, huunting, etc. Firearms and explosive rules would have to be developed. Easy enough though.
Rob, you may want to throw some questions at Targan (who is on the Twilight: 2000 forum). He ran a Twilight: 2000 game for some years using a Harnmaster set of rules updated for firearms. The system was created by Bill Gant and called Gunmaster.
His website is defunct now but it can still be visited at: -

I tested a few of the links on the archived page and they still work so I am assuming that they all work. It appears that all the basic info you may want is on that page.
However, if you want to discuss it with someone who actually ran it, then Targan is the person you want to talk to.
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