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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
That's quite a lot of creativity there! Good stuff
Always nice to have some extra food options.

The only thing I would question would be the shelf life, I'm inclined to think it could be longer based on what I've seen with military rations packs - I've had ration packs while in the Australian Army that were anywhere between eight and twelve years old.
As for civilian food, as long as the packaging itself doesn't break down, get damaged etc. etc., a lot of tinned food will last for several years and still be safe to eat.

But anyway... nice work, thanks for posting it. Thumbs Up!
I recently opened a few Gulf War 1990's Era MRE's and I can attest, they were not fit for consumption. The only things salvageable were the crackers, peanut butter and the accessory packs. The peanut butter was still edible, the crackers were as well, it came with a apple jam packet ( Ewwww) and the main entree was spaghetti with meatballs ( it was a rather interesting color of brown and was rancid when opened) This MRE was stored in my closet at around 74f. The freeze dried fruit was a bit off in flavor but it wasn't bad at all. I went with freeze dried meals for my MP teams. Mountain House makes rations for the US Military, so I could easily see them making a ration for the MP or the MP using freeze dry technology and putting together their own FD rations, FD rations would save weight, have an extremely long self life 20 plus years and easily longer if stored in an ideal environment. The MP teams can find and decon water easily enough(if they are smart). I also equipped my teams with 5 gallons of water per person to start out with (sealed and preserved).
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