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Default Looking for 1999 Kevin Dockery Interview (& Insider Info on Company!)

Hey all, my name is Shannon Appelcline and I've written a few history books on the industry under the title Designers & Dragons, and am working on more.

Right now my focus is on two Michigan companies: Timeline Ltd. and Tri Tac Games. Timeline was of course the original publisher of The Morrow Project (and continues to be under new management in the 21st century).

Unfortunately, info on the companies is really scarce due to a general lack of interviews, design notes, or the other things that make it easy to write about companies after the fact. (And of course Richard Tucholka sadly passed in 2017.)

There is apparently *somewhere* an interview that Kevin Dockery did, talking about The Morrow Project, in 1999. The best guess is that it's in a magazine. Would anyone be able to tell me where that is exactly?

Beyond that, I'm looking for any info I can on the companies. Is there anyone who has insider knowledge of them? Who worked with them? Who playtested for them? Who was part of the Michigan gaming scene in the '70s, '80s, or '90s?

Thanks much!
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