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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
Are reports of the death of the IFV premature? Hungary recently placed an order for Lynx IFVs.

According to Wikipedia, Australia, the Czech Republic, and the US are looking at it too.

And regardless of whether Australia decides to buy the Lynx, there are two points to consider: -
1. Australia wants to replace aging APCs with newer vehicles and those vehicles could be APCs or IFVs
2. Lynx was not the only vehicle for consideration, another IFV was shortlisted as well, the Korean K21

All of which means that some countries still see a need for IFVs in the military.
If you have IFVs, then you will probably want a vehicle to support them when their own armament isn't enough firepower to get the job done. Something with better armament and better protection, something which regardless of wheels or tracks, is pretty much a tank.
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