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Originally Posted by Eddie
Okay, I think I understand what you're wanting. Short, simplified answer is, aside from not taking a rebreather below 1 atmosphere (10m), it doesn't really matter what gear you have.

I've seen guys dive to 100ft in board shorts and a t-shirt, and I've seen guys to 15ft in a drysuit.

I've seen skin divers go to 45 feet with just the breath in his lungs.

There is no hard and fast table like what you want besides,

0-33feet: Anything
34-130ft: Air or NITROX; no rebreathers
131-down: NITROX or TRIMIX; no rebreathers
...ok thanx....

when do you HAVE to have a "spacesuit" when the pressure is to high etc.....

basically I'm wondering what depth the next mission(s) will be......
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