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Originally Posted by Targan
Are we talking someone with a little bit of diving experience or a Navy clearance diver? If you are going down hundreds of meters you're probably going to need more than just standard dive gear - you're going to need a diving bell for decompression stops or maybe even a decompression chamber on the surface. If the diver isn't well experienced and well supported and he's going that deep I'd say there is a significant risk of death.

But I think that Gen Pain was asking for what ind of general diving gear you need - as fas I know its just drysuit ,flasks/tanks,fins etc -not saying that it shouldnt be of a technical quality -just that it isnt some other kindf of hardshell suit say..

As for the decompression chamber etc I totally agree .

Also - it would be a professional diver - other sshould stay close to the surface .
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