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Originally Posted by dragoon500ly View Post
We have Autogyros, but only in TM1-1, no module uses them. so assign a half dozen or so to the regional bases for local air reconnaissance.

We have OH-6/CH-47 helos and C-130s only at Prime argument could be made that Prime Two would have the same air group so we are looking at 12 OH-6s, 4 CH-47s and 4 C-130s for the entire Project.

The only other planes that I would even consider would be a CV-2 Caribou for STOL and light cargo/passenger use, maybe one per Regional Command Base. Perhaps a U-1 Otter to assist the Caribou for team support, maybe 2 per RCB. The only other aircraft I would consider is a OV-10 Bronco, not only is it an armed COIN aircraft, it also has limited cargo/passenger capability as well as STOL capability.


for a Project we might have 60 Autogyros, 12 OH6s, 4 CH-47s, 4 C-130s, 10 Caribou, 20 Otters and 10 Broncos

Technically, the Science One in module (censored) has one broken down. You just need to capture it back from the (censored) force before the send it back to (censored). Oh and a HAAM suit too.

I am going with Morrow Project intended to use a host of far less rugged but immediately available aircraft in the form of civil aircraft. Such as Boeing 707s or 747s in air freight configuration. The ones operating outside the U.S. or parked in a convenient desert and listed as non-flightworthy kept far and away from primary and secondary targets.

These would have been intended for use right away with crews not in cryosleep at all.

Such as a 747 reconfigured for mid air refueling (air force model) maybe acquired through a foreign power (we'll buy you two if you buy this one off the books for us).

A cargo frame can be reconfigured internally for other missions like mid air refueling, passengers, ELINT, airborne command post, etc.

Then there is a large range of turbo prop and business class civilian jets that could all be spread out throughout the dozens of corporations that fall under Morrow Industries.

Hidden in plain sight. Now 150+ the crews died, and the craft are junk. Though stock piles of parts, and the maintenance equipment may still be waiting in a supply bunker. There might even be pilots in the Frozen Watch.
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