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Default Project Air Resources

With the lack of well maintained air fields it is most likely the MP would stick to aircraft with ruff field capability if not VTOL capability. The AV-8B Plus could carry out both the Air-to-Air as well as the Air-to-Surface missions, making use of LGB, Maverick, 2.75 inch rocket along with a wide variety of free fall bombs, with AMRAAM and Sidewinder capable with a 25mm Gatling Gun. The other is the V-22 Osprey, it is the replacement for the older CH-46, being faster and having a heavier lift capability. Being fusion powered they would have greater range and would be able to carry out any missions that the project might require. The one craft not mentioned are RPVs. A fusion powered Global Hawk that could fly high and carry out continental recon for 18 month periods before requiring a fusion pack change out would be a great asset. A modified version of the Global Hawk could be used as a communications relay platform if satellite communications aren't available. Teams, especially Recon, should have small aerial RPV for their use and heavier armed versions Like the MQ-9 Reaper (Predator-B) with 4 Hellfire II missiles and 2 GBU-12 Paveway II 500lbs bombs. Even the MQ-1 Predator can carry 2 Hellfire II missiles. Fusion powered RPV with intelligent autopilots would make great force multipliers and could carry out most of the air strike missions that the project would most likely ever need. Want something bigger, pick up a couple X-47B Stealth Attack Drones with 2000 kg (4500lbs) payload, enough for a pair of GBU-16 Paveway II Mk83 1000 lbs laser guided bombs or a pair of B61 (340 Kt) nukes. Wouldn't Damocles love some RPVs to play with?
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