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Originally Posted by welsh View Post
ArmySgt- nice little dramatic story telling. But it also raises a point. Given the awesome air-to-air combat and air-to-ground repressive capacity of a technically efficient air wing, there comes back the problem of balance and gaming.

My worry is that giving Morrow too much of an air wing against a technologically relatively unsophisticated population would seem to a game of strawmen. Your Morrow F-5s vs KFS P-47Ds seems unbalance. Given a choice of challenge, better to let the bad guys have the edge and put the onus on your team to figure a way to respond.

I think a better story might be of your Morrow team trying to evade getting hit by KFS P-47Ds- a better challenge. Or even your Morrow team trying to figure out how its recon helicopters could engaged the P-47Ds. Or maybe your Morrow Team needs to figure a way to hit the P-47Ds so that they are not a threat, because the KFS is using its military edge to coerce local communities to its bidding. If you give your team F-5s to deal with the KFS, or any real threat, than the challenge of your story begins to diminish.

With regard to energy- I am a bit worried that the fusion reactor/power plant is a tech that is easily abused and potentially lost. If every aircraft or vehicle is running with a long life fusion power plant under the hood- what happens when that plant blows up in combat, or is captured by a technologically superior or equivalent entity.

Why not minimize the use of fusion powered plants as energy generators, and allow your vehicles to run on long-life batteries. To regenerate, the team to find a viable power source capable of recharge. But I admit, this breaks from canon.

The KFS either has in storage or can produce quickly AAA to meet a new airborne threat. Currently their adversaries don't field anything and the KFS air arm has complete air dominance. It will be a shock to the KFS pilots if the are engaged by a Project stinger missile.

The Commando Scout may have the elevation to engage slow moving aircraft like a helo.

The Warriors of Krell certainly have stingers in their possession acquired from captured bases, caches, and teams.

The Lonestar State could produce gun type AAA but currently cannot produce sophisticated electronics.

The Deseret Republic is steam / 1880s

The Brotherhood (or what is left) could conceivably have ZPU-2, ZPU-4, and ZSU-23-4 that are operational without electronics. Any missiles would probably have been expended or lost due to time and exposure.

The Soviets in Washington State and Florida probably don't have any missiles either for the same reasons. However, they would have all the gun type AAA with severely depleted stocks of ammunition.
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