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Originally Posted by LBraden View Post
I think honestly, if, to use a term used by my science teacher, the fecal matter is hitting the rotary air impeller.

The idea of Proximity fuses will be thrown out of the window for just getting enough copper jacketed lead and anything ELSE that can be shoved down the barrels into the air, yes it does mean you need a hit, but I think even the heavy-duty and versatile Hind would have trouble flying after taking a 20mm round though part of the engine block, or a few large holes in the tail boom.
Hey! Nice to see you back!

I hope the Morrow Project muse has ignited your digital palette.

Actually the Hind could shrug off a 20mm as it is armored but, I can see where your going. Yes, a quad .50 either on a trailer or on a truck would be bad mojo. A 20mm vulcan would be bad news for most stuff.

The trouble with gun AAA is it is very local and there is the danger of stuff coming right back down on your head.

Currently the KFS is the only faction that appears capable of producing fuzed AAA ammunition. Everyone else could make solid or impact fused (20mm and larger) munitions in small lots (under 1000).

The proverbial "Wall of Lead" is still effect at defending a point or structure.

Missiles though extend that defense and make it capable for one unit to defend a significant portion of airspace.

Take a Quad .50 and it is good for 2000 meters. Compare this to the Chaparral and the effective range of 17, 700 meters.

The KFS does field .50 M2 machineguns so some inherent capability for AA defense exists already and troops would just need training.
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