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Originally Posted by stormlion1 View Post
Dumb question, in front of many VA buildings there generally is some piece of military hardware. A Artillery Piece, Cannonballs, Bofor AA guns from WW-II. Could survivors use the Bofor AA Guns as a template and produce there own AA guns for themselves? Sure they have been demil'd but it shouldn't be hard to figure out what has been removed and replace it and then just making the ammo is just a matter of small scale industry. I could see KFS doing so after they lose air supremacy or even before to use as ground weapons.
The only problem with reverse engineering something like a Bofor 40mm AAA piece is determining if the tolerances are in specifications on each part.

That part could be large (over spec) or it could be small (under spec) and with either that can mean all kinds of performance gremlins crop up when trying to use the new manufactured bits.
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