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A lot of equipment the Project has was bought from company's that were also part of the Project itself. CoT members held top jobs in those company's and fudged orders. Probably double billing the US Government or charging extra for foreign orders and then making extra gear and stocking it away. Say the 4th Edition had the Stryker as a usable vehicle. The company that makes them gets an order from the US Government for ten of them, and a bunch of foreign orders for another fifteen. The CoT influenced company that makes the Stryker charges the US Gov't for thirteen and the foreign orders for twenty with the excuse of issues in the plant and rising costs. They all pay because its the only place to get a Stryker. The extra money is put into producing Stryker's for the Project with the excuse there demonstration models or testing models that will be tested to destruction. They might even get a few more out of the plant as well in parts.
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