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Don't forget that until 1999, the Indonesian National Police were administered/commanded by the military. They also had an over-abundance of militias

No matter what I tried, I could not find any form of OrBat for Indonesia in the 1990s so hopefully you can drag something worthwhile out of the following links.

Global Security has a table of Indonesian army vehicles and aircraft in 5 year periods starting at 1990. Indonesia was severely lacking in modern equipment (compared to Australia) until the 2000s.

This page "may" be useful, mostly because you can run a comparison between Australian and Indonesia by year (I saved the link on year 1995). Also be prepared for a hell of a lot of reading when you open up the definitions link.

This document is dated 2002 but uses info gathered during the 1990s, it's the only doc I've found that has some info about the makeup of Indonesian land forces in the 1990s.

Neil Baumgardner's now defunct OrBat website for T2k has some info on Australia (no Indonesia however) but some of the links are dead. The info is typically from the late 1990s so might prove useful: -
But specifically this page: -

Further reading:
Indonesian military districts/commands
World Factbook - Indonesia 1990
Indonesian armed forces at military wiki
US Army foreign military studies report 1995
Australian parliament - research paper: Indonesian Armed Forces
The Indonesian Military in the Mid-1990s: Political Maneuvering or Structural Change? from this page:
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