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Default Poll - Favorite Small Arm

What type of small arm (.50 and under, man-portable) do you like to equip your PC with as his primary weapon? (I know folks like to keep a GPMG, a shotgun, a Barret .50 and a PPSH in the HMMWV for those special situations, but on an everyday basis)

A shotgun for really cleaning rooms up and for the occasional fresh fowl for dinner?
A SMG for carrying in and out of armored vehicles and handy CQB work?
An assault rifle that does a pretty good job from 15 to 300m for every soldier?
A 7.62mm battle rifle that can stop somebody at more than 200m?
A sniper rifle so you can take down that Marauder leader when he crosses the far ridge?
Only a pistol, because that's how officers show their status?
A light machinegun (SAW, RPK, L-86 or the like) so you have more firepower than the average joe but can still move a bit?
A medium machinegun to really lay down some firepower?
Or something else????

I understand, of course, that what your PC carries also depends on the rest of the party... if your group all had sniper rifles it might be tough to storm a building....
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