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With an PBP Tw:2013 campaign in planning, I thought I'd post this particular item here. Comments?

M32 MGL: The Multiple Grenade Launcher, originally designed by Milkor (designated Milkor MGL-140), the M32 was adopted by U.S.Marine Corps among others. It is fed by a 6-round spring-loaded cylinder that needs to be rewinded when the weapon is reloaded. To reload the M32, one needs to use a 2-tick action to pivot the weapon open, 5-tick action per round loaded (includes rewinding the cylinder for each round) and a 2-tick action to pivot the weapon in to closed position (thus, fully loading it with six rounds takes 34 ticks). The weapon includes a non-magnifying reflex sight (factored in to the speed), telescopic stock, vertical foregrip and three rails for mounting other paraphernelia.

Caliber: 40x46mm
Capacity: 6 (cy)
Range: M/O
Speed: 4/8/11
Recoil: 7
Bulk: 4
Wgt: 5.3 kg
BV: GG3,000
SP: $6,000
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