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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
It's one thing to keep a single Panther or a couple of Shermans running in peacetime; it's quite another to keep larger stocks of older AFVs in fighting shape under post-apocalyptic combat conditions.

Reposted from #14 upthread:

To clarify the OP, I was addressing the deployment of relatively large stocks of mothballed weaponry, not so much one-offs like museum collections. The main issue that I see with the latter is a lack of spare parts and expertise re operation, maintenance, and upkeep. If anyone would like to discuss museum exhibits returning to combat, here are a couple of threads that address that topic specifically:

Actually I will just add that if anyone could get multiple vehicles up and running and support a decent force of armor - and keep in mind by July 2000 that basically means 3-5 vehicles for a whole division - it would be Littlefield - damn did he have a lot of equipment and spare parts - and his collection of armor was bigger than a lot of countries have
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