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Fighting Flamingo from these parts is the author of the Carthaginian piece.

We in the DC Group are using the NATO 1989 orbat from (the latest version is at , second post has a link to the actual document) as the base for NATO forces in the Third World War wargaming we are working on to work out the conventional phase of the war. We are adjusting that orbat based on Cold War era plans for equipment modernization and, to a limited extent, changes in the force structure. It's a lot of work to unwind the post-Cold War changes that both the Pact and NATO forces went through in the 1990s.

I can't see NATO units on French soil, except as invading forces, after the French grab for the Rhineland. And given the disparity in strength, the plausibility of NATO forces invading French soil is nil.

For the recovery plan, we are operating on the basis that there is limited cooperation and trade between NATO and French forces in the Middle East and a low-level rivalry everywhere else. Neither side has the military strength or political will to push issues. From the American point of view, France is exploiting the world situation (and its prewar allies) for its own advantage, with its invasion of Germany and the Netherlands, support for Quebecois rebels and growing influence in the Middle East. From the French point of view, America is a broken land that is a dying power, no longer fit or deserving of a role on the world stage as important as it had before engaging in a reckless war.

And please, lets not turn this into a thread about RL Franco-American relations!
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