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Default UK second archive

British Middle East Field Force

Royal Navy

Commanding Officer Commodore Sir William Brown

HMS Edinburgh D97 (from Hong Kong) (287 Men)
HMS Avenger F185 (Diego Garcia) (235 Men)
HMS Dumbarton Castle P265 (Diego Garcia) (45 Men)

Air Assets
No. 848 Sqn (150 Men) (8 H-3 Sea kings)

Ground Assets
Zulu Co. 45 Commando (125 Men)
C Sqn SBS (32 Men)

Royal Air Force

Commanding Officer Air Commodore Sir John Toms
Air Assets
No. 25 Sqn RAF (105 Men) (6 F3 Tornado)
No. 31 Sqn RAF (105 Men) (6 GR4 Tornado)
No. 18 Sqn RAF (100 Men) (8 CH-47)
No. 33 Sqn RAF (100 Men) (6 Puma)
No. 30 Sqn RAF (100 Men) (4 C-130)

Ground Assets
No. 15 Sqn RAF Regiment (50 Men) (4 Rapier)
No. 2503 Sqn RAF Regiment (150 Men) (4 S-60 57mm, 4 Orelikon 35mm)
No.34 Sqn RAF Regiment (100 Men) (6 Ferret Mk5)

Royal Army

Commanding Officer Brigadier Sir James Cowan (senior officer overall command)

Field Force Command and Support Unit (150 Men)


16th Air Assault Brigade (2000 Men)
216th Signals Sqn (75 Men)
13th Air Support regiment (200 Men)
7th Parachute Royal Horse Artillery (120 Men) (12 M118)
7th Air Assault Bn. (130 Men)
16 close support medical Regiment (150 Men)
156th Provost Company (75 Men)
D Sqn The Blues and Royals (150 Men) (6 Scimitar, 8 Saxon)
3rd Bn The parachute Regiment (400 Men)
1/7 Bn The Duke of Edinburgh’s own Gurka Rifles (350 Men)
1/6 Bn Queen Elizabeth’s own Gurka Rifles (350 Men)

51st Armored Brigade (1800 Men)
204 Signal Sqn (75 Men)
205 Field Hospital E Sqn (100 Men)
28th Eng Regiment 65th Field Support Sqn (100 Men)
2nd Bn 40th Regiment of Royal Artillery (150 Men) (8 AS 90)
1st Bn Kings Own Scottish Boarders (400 Men) (20 Saxon)
2nd Bn Black Watch (400 Men) (18 Saxon)
2nd Bn Scots Guards (400 Men) (19 Saxon)
2nd Bn The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (175 Men) (12 Chieftain Mk.12)

Air Assets

7th Army Air Corps Regiment (175 Men) (6 Lynx, 4 Gazelle)

Total Men 5812

Gurkha Mechanized Division (3.400 men, 11 Chieftains)
6th Queen Elizabeth's Gurkha Rangers Regiment (600 men)
7th Duke of Edinburgh's Gurkha Rangers Regiment (750 men)
1/King's own Scottish Borderer's (400 men)

Hong Kong garrison only infantry shown
2nd King Edward VII's Gurkha Rifle Regiment (1000 men)
10th Princess Mary's Gurkha Own Rifle Regiment (950 men)
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