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Default Iceland OBB and Iceland Defence Force OBB

Iceland Defence Force
The Iceland Defence Force (IDF) is the US military command responsible for protecting Iceland, headquartered at Keflav├â┬*k, and is a subordinate of US European Command. The Force is composed of US Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force personnel as well as local Icelandic civilians. In addition, there were a few US Coast Guard personnel attached to this command.

US Air Forces, Iceland - US Naval Air Station Keflavik (NASKEF)

85th Tactical Fighter Wing
- 57th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
- 932nd Air Control Squadron
- 56th Rescue Squadron

U.S. Army, Iceland - US Naval Air Station Keflavik (NASKEF)

187th Infantry Brigade, USAR
- Headquarters Company
- 3rd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment
- 3rd Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment
- 3rd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment
- 5th Battalion, 5th Artillery Regiment
- 187th Support Battalion
- 987th Personnel Service Company
- 756th Engineer Company
- Troop D, 5th Cavalry Regiment

U.S. Navy, Iceland - US Naval Air Station Keflavik (NASKEF)
- U.S. Naval Hospital Keflavik
- Keflavik Tactical Support Center
- Patrol Squadron TWO FOUR (VP-24)
- Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron ELEVEN (VQ-11) [US Naval Reserve]

U.S. Marines Forces, Iceland - US Naval Air Station Keflavik (NASKEF)
- Marine Corps Security Force Company Keflavik, Iceland

Attached NATO Squadrons
- Naval Squadron 320 - Koninklijke Marine [Royal Netherlands Navy]
- Marinefliegergeschwader 3 (Naval Air Wing 3) - Deutsche Marine [German Navy]
- No. 206 Squadron RAF - Royal Air Force
- 405 Maritime Patrol Squadron - Canadian Forces Air Command
- Naval Firefighting Team (650x local firefighters)


Varnarm├â┬ílastofnun ├â┬Źslands [Icelandic Defence Agency]
The Varnarm├â┬ílastofnun ├â┬Źslands was founded in April 1995. It functions as Iceland's Defence Ministry and is under the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Among its duties is maintaining assisting the IDF, intelligence gathering and military coastal defence.

1x Company, IV Bataljon (4th Battalion); Den Kongelige Livgarde (The Royal Life Guards) [Royal Danish Army]
This company is currently serving as training cadre and heavy waepons support unit for the ├â┬Źslenskur Sk├â┬│garv├â┬Âr├â┬░ur, at the request of the Varnarm├â┬ílastofnun ├â┬Źslands.

├â┬Źslenska Vitsmunir ├â┼żj├â┬│nusta [Icelandic Intelligence Service]
The ├â┬Źslenska Vitsmunir ├â┼żj├â┬│nusta is charged with intelligence gathering for IDF and is made up 10 special agents hand picked from the R├â┬*kisl├â┬Âgreglan (Icelandic Police).

├â┬Źslenska Loftvarnarkerfi├â┬░ [Iceland Air Defence System]
├â┬Źslenska Loftvarnarkerfi├â┬░ was founded in 1987; it operates four radar complexes, support facility, and a command and reporting centre. ├â┬Źslenska Loftvarnarkerfi├â┬░ does not independently possess any offensive capabilities, as Iceland's only air defence weaponry is operated by the Coast Guard, but is primarily used to monitor air traffic and direct allied interceptors based out of country. It has become the main element of the newly created Varnarm├â┬ílastofnun ├â┬Źslands.

├â┬Źslenskur Sk├â┬│garv├â┬Âr├â┬░ur [Icelandic Rangers]
The ├â┬Źslenskur Sk├â┬│garv├â┬Âr├â┬░ur is a result of a merger of between the V├â┬*kingasveitin (the Viking Squad) * and the ├â┬Źslenska Fri├â┬░arg├â┬Žslan (Icelandic Crisis Response Unit) ** into a rifle company consisting of three platoons and a Company Headquarters, commanded by a Major, with a Kaptajn as Second-in-Command. The company headquarters includes an Oversergent and a Company Quartermaster Oversergent.

Landhelgisg├â┬Žslan ├â┬Źslands [Icelandic Coast Guard]
The Landhelgisg├â┬Žslan ├â┬Źslands's primary mission is the defending the sovereignty of Icelandic territorial waters, as well as keeping Icelandic law in the 200nm wide Economic zone. Other important missions are such as Search and Rescue, as well as defusing mines, and more recently NATO maritime defence. The Icelandic Coast Guard also operates within Greenlandic and Faeroese waters, following a bilateral agreement with Denmark regarding mutual aid in security, rescue and defence matters.

├âÔÇ*gir Class Offshore Patrol Boat
The ├âÔÇ*gir class Offshore Patrol vessel is a class of two vessels serving in the Icelandic Coast Guard (ICG), equipped with 1x 40 mm Bofors L60 MKIII Gun and 1x TF-LIF 332F Helicopter. The vessels are also armored for Ice browsing.
- ICGV├âÔÇ*gir (II)
- ICGV T├â┬Żr (II)

ICGV ├âÔÇť├â┬░inn (III) Offshore Patrol Boat
The ICGV ├âÔÇť├â┬░inn is the oldest ship currently operated by the Icelandic Coast Guard, and like the ├âÔÇ*gir class Offshore Patrol vessel is with 1x 40 mm Bofors L60 MKIII Gun and 1x TF-LIF 332F Helicopter. It is believed that her Burmaster & Wain engines are only such engines that are still serviceable in the world today.

ICGV Baldur Offshore Patrol Boat
The Baldur is a former Hydrographic vessel, now serving as a Offshore Patrol Boat, and is equipped with 1x 40 mm Bofors L60 MKIII Gun.

Bragi Class Motorized Gunboat
The Asheville class gunboats are a class of small military ships originally built for the United States Navy in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis, in service from 1967 to 1975. The Icelandic government first tried to acquire the Asheville class gunboats during the Third Cod War, but was denied by the American government. In 1995, Iceland accepted three Asheville class gunboats; under the Foreign Assistance Act. After all three Asheville class gunboats were transfered to the Landhelgisg├â┬Žslan ├â┬Źslands, who renamed them the Bragi class. The first of class, ICGV Bragi (II), was commissioned in Reykjav├â┬*k in December 1995, ICGV Nj├â┬Âr├â┬░ur in June 1996, and ICGV ├â┬ürvakur (II) in September 1996.
- ICGV Bragi (II)
- ICGV Nj├â┬Âr├â┬░ur (II)
- ICGV Árvakur (II)

1x TF-SYN (Fokker F-27-200 Friendship)
Currently this plane is under going a conversion in order to provide the Landhelgisg├â┬Žslan ├â┬Źslands with a anti-submarine warfare capablity.

R├â┬*kisl├â┬Âgreglan [Icelandic Police] (800 officers)
The R├â┬*kisl├â┬Âgreglan is responsible for Law enforcement on all Icelandic territories except at sea where the Icelandic Coast Guard enforces the law.

* An 80 person unit was similar to Germany's GSG 9 and Britain's SAS; the unit was under the command of the Reykjav├â┬*k Chief of Police.

** A 100-person expeditionary military type unit, with a civilian element, operating under the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs; it was primarily designated for peacekeeping operations and was established in the early 1990s to improve the status of Iceland within NATO as it lacked sufficient armed forces to support NATO peacekeeping operations.

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