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Default US 10th archive

Ft. Lewis Units

1st Brigade, 25th ID "Lancers"
1/33rd Armor Battalion
1/24th Infantry Battalion
2/8th Field Artillery Battalion
1/5th Infantry Battalion

3rd Brigade, 2nd ID "Arrowhead"
1/23rd Infantry Battalion
1/37th Field Artillery Battalion
168th Engineering Battalion
296th Forward Support Battalion
1/14th Cavalry
5/20th Infantry Battalion

2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
201st Military Intelligence Battalion
7th Brigade, 104th Division (Institutional Training)
1st Military Police Brigade
62nd Medical Group

Washington State National Guard

81st Infantry Brigade "Ravens"
1/185th Armor Battalion
1/303rd Armor Battalion
Troop E, 303rd Cavalry
2/146th Field Artillery Battalion

Oregon State National Guard

41st Seperate Infantry Brigade "Sunset Brigade"
2/218th Field Artillery Battalion
3/116th Cavalry
1/82nd Cavalry
641st Medical Battalion
1249th Engineer Battalion
1/162nd Infantry Battalion
2/162nd Infantry Battalion
1/186th Infantry Battalion

173rd Fighter Wing
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