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Originally Posted by Mohoender
That would be a very interesting country with a large territory and a small fairly wealthy population (by African standards) that just got out of the grip of South Africa. Moreover, it can be self sufficient and might continue to exploit several mines (Diamond, Lead, Zinc, Silver, Tin, Tungsten and Uranium). If its situation would certainly depends on what happen to South Africa, that country might well remain stable as you can expect less hunger and almost no ethnic rivalry among its population. HIV/AIDS would be a problem, however. Two questions, then:
As no one can really invade it, would it be left alone?
Would it enter some kind of agreement with one or several of its neighbours (Angola, Botswana or South Africa) ?
I think the crucial question is whether South Africa follows its real life timeline and is a multi racial democracy by the start of the Twilight War or remains an apartheid state. I seem to recall that this was discussed a while back on the old board.

I understand that one of the catalysts for the apartheid government engaging in talks with Nelson Mandela in the late 80's was the collapse of communism, which never happened in the V1 timeline, so the question is would the Boers still have been in power, in which case I personally think that South Africa would have fallen in to a state of anarchy, with civil war going on between multiple factions, much as described in Larry Bond's Vortex.

A multi party democracy under Mandela, who would have been President during the Twilight War if you follow the real life timeline is much more likely to remain a stable, calming force throughout the region.

As I'm a traditional V1 Twilighter, I personally go for the Civil War option, but that's just my two cents worth...

(Sorry if this is slightly drifting from the thread's topic...)
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