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Originally Posted by Desert Mariner View Post
So, I was messing around with the basic loads listed in TM 1-1, with a goal of coming up with updated weaponry loadouts to go along with the cache updates of 1987, 1999 and 2013.

In order to simplify the process, I created a spreadsheet (big surprise) and used the TM 1-1 loads to check the formulas. Of the 62 possible combinations, I can’t match the total weight (carried out to 0.01kg) of 21 loadouts. Some are off by only 0.01kg but others are off by as much a 1.00kg. I’ve triple checked everything to no avail and hope someone on the forum may have done this exercise previously or may be able to find a glitch in my calculations (otherwise it appears that the numbers in TM 1-1 are off).

In order to use the spreadsheet (Load #4 with the Ingram is loaded as an example):
  1. Dark green cells - select the weapons/miscellaneous items from the drop-downs. To remove an entry, simply enter Delete in the cell. If no selection is made in a drop-down, that line is treated as 0 for the weight calculations.
  2. Light green cells - enter the counts for hand grenades and 40mm grenades (TM 1-1 standard 40mm loadout is annotated for reference). 40mm entries are ignored unless a GL is selected from the appropriate drop-down.
  3. Light yellow cells – enter the number of reloads included. The sheet then multiples this by the listed Feed Device Capacity to give you a total weight and it displays the total number of rounds as well. For some miscellaneous items (LAW, Dragon, HAFLA, etc.) you enter the number of one use launchers or missiles carried.

Once I know the calculations are right, this then becomes a tool for customizing loadouts and makes it easy to add different weapons or gear (i.e. M18 Smoke grenades, SAW, M320 GL, etc.).
What I have found in the past with most of the weight problems from 1st thru 4th edition is the source of the information. For example the M10 comes in 9mm and 45ACP. Some weights show the 9mm at 2.80 Kg will the 45ACP version is 2.83 Kg. Then the suppressor that originally came with M10 was from Sionics and depending on the source of data weights 1.2 lbs.

Then it comes down to the exact weight of an empty 9mm and 45ACP magazine. Then add the weight of 32 9mm or 30 45ACP cartridges and then what type of cartridges where used standard ball?

I'll dig around in my library to see what I can find out for specs.

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