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The image that ArmySGT. posted is very telling. That bucket supplies enough seed for a 2 acre plot. Just two acres. According to what else is on the website, that bucket holds 1.8lbs of seed but there are just over 55,000 seeds in that.
So using that as a basis for some really rough estimates, 100 acres would require 2,750,000 seeds so four x 100 acre farms would require 11,000,000 seeds.

Even without that crude info, I think most people would realize that the proposed Pelican case of 1250 seeds is would be hopelessly unable to supply one 100 acre farm for even one year let alone four.
So four farms for four years?
The Project proposal isn't just overly optimistic, it's so ludicrous as to make you laugh. Or cry.

The website that ArmySGT. linked to makes for a much better Project proposal. One bucket of 55,000 seeds for two acres appears to be enough to feed one family with some surplus so to my mind, a Project seed cache would be say, twenty of these 2lb pails (holding 1.8lbs of seed) to give 40 acres of crop. All that for just 40lbs weight and it's not particularly bulky.

If all that crop is kept as seed then (again using rough & optimistic estimates), the next season you could potentially have 80 acres of crop.
Yes it's going to take some time and probably requires the people being helped to be councilled not to eat the crop but if the Players like the rebuilding aspect then that sort of time period is a good tie to the community they're trying to help.
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