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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
Rereading the cache description provided by mmartin798 I realize that I thought the cache held only 1250 seeds but it actually meant 1250 packets of seeds. Even with that correction I think that those packets will not hold enough seed for a single 100 acre farm for four years let alone four 100 acre farms for four years.
I think it would work better if that allocation of 1250 packets was meant to supply up to 100 acres of crop, but 400 acres and for four years just seems wildly optimistic.
These are or should be all hierloom or non hybrid seeds.

Heirlooms are old varieties that have become uncommon due to mega farms and mono cropping. Saving seed from each harvest will produce true and full varieties of the seed saved. Depending on the fruit or vegetable 10% to 50% would need to be unharvested until fully ripened to produce seed (onions. turnips, corn, etc). Tomatoes, squash, melons, are notorious for their seeds and none would have to be held back or ripened past a point for quality consumption to have enough seed for the nest years harvest.
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