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Originally Posted by gamerguy View Post
I think there is a lot of variation in game groups out there. The one I was involved in was heavily into rebuilding civilization. Of course it took killing off some of the more trigger happy characters, not the players they realized the PDs stance quick after the first couple Ye Haw! adventures.
That's great! And if that was the focus of the game did anyone consider that the vast majority of their seed stock would not survive 150 years? In such a case, I would hope the PD would look a little more into the challenges of actual rebuilding and realize that the stored seeds would be mostly dead and that existing civilizations would already have developed their own agriculture and accumulated their own seed stocks. Teams in such a campaign are not trying to reintroduce agriculture (the purpose of the seed stocks) but rather to improve necessarily existing agriculture.

Put another way, a Team focused on regional security faces very different challenges and will need very different tools depending on whether they are dealing with a war+5 population or a war+150 population. If the Team in question had, for some reason, one or more systems that depended on gasoline, they would in the latter case need to deal with the fact that their gasoline stores are no longer viable and that using those systems would require looking outside Morrow stocks. This is one of the reasons I am against jet aircraft in Project inventories and why I think the seed stocks (although both more durable and necessary) represent a resource that the Teams will need to replace.
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